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Chatbots for your business

One of the fastest practical manifestations of artificial intelligence has been seen in the appearance of chatbots, a derivative of the term “chat robots”. But what is a chatbot and what does or can it do?

A chatbot is a software program that is normally used to initiate or conduct a dialogue via text or voice. It is known by many other names, such as artificial conversational entity, chat bot, conversational bot or simply Bot. How do you make a chatbot or how do you make them? These pieces of software are developed by computer programmers, although tools such as Google Dialog flow have now emerged to facilitate web development.

Now, how do chatbots work? Not all chatbots are intelligent, but they all exhibit a certain level of automation due to the way they are programmed. The simplest ones use keyword matching or pattern matching between the text or input words and their reference data, and simply extract the best match.

That is why they are not always consistent even though they are based on automatic learning algorithms and related statistical models, especially when a question is asked outside of the central approach by which it was created.

The truly intelligent who can maintain a conversation with a human being use speech recognition, natural language processing, natural language comprehension, natural language generation, and other sophisticated methods of conversation. And they continue to learn from each interaction.

These chatbots can answer random questions and hold a conversation without breaking or emitting irrelevant answers. Messaging applications are ideal for developing chatbots. Because messaging applications are primarily text-based, this is the perfect place for developers working on new chatbots.

Most of the big companies will have customer service chatbots on Facebook Messenger, and many of them have now started to try chatbots on WhatsApp.

Another case of emerging use for chatbots is for customer service centers. Amazon Connect, for example, is a call center solution that allows companies to automate their contact flows by leveraging methods such as routing based on inbound query skills.

Chatbots are here to stay. The more popular they become, the more skills they will acquire. Someday in the future, you may not even have to look at your phone to use it for making calls, ordering pizza, and other tasks.

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