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Digital Trends 2019

Nowadays, we are immersed in a changing digital world.  No doubt hiring a marketing consulting company Coral Gables will benefit your business but you should also know the latest updates in digital marketing. These are some of the trends that are impacting in 2019


Users each time prefer faster content to be consumed mainly through mobile devices, where consumption will continue to grow. The time of the videos will have to be reduced by the marks if they want that the users see them since the 89% of the audience of a video keeps all their attention during the first 10 seconds, but when the video super the minute the audience falls up to (46%).

In 2019 the ephemeral format (disappears in 24h) of histories (stories) will be of great growth because it surpasses the 1 billion of users in the world, led by WhatsApp and Instagram.

Creativity will continue to be the Queen since it will allow the users to hook up with the brands and receive their commercial messages by means of warnings and concise pieces of high impact and of greater frequency.


The Smart Home will become more and more connected to the Internet through devices and appliances (IoT), which generate data, which connected to artificial intelligence services and robots will make it easier for our lives, Free time and control the whole home from your mobile. Cities will adapt by offering new cleaner, more efficient and collaborative transportation systems.

Trade will continue to grow through E-commerce, but autonomous stores appear close to the work and home of people allowing consumers to purchase products at the right time and place that they want with great logistical efficiencies. In 2019, marketing experts should rethink consumer knowledge as well as the development of new products and services that adapt to these trends.


This year will generate more data than any other of the past, for the year 2020, it is estimated that 200 trillion objects will be connected to the Internet, will produce more data in the next 2 years that all previous years together.

2019 has a great growth in tools that help to organize the data in boards where by means of a data organization it will be possible to extract useful information, the companies will reinforce their equipment of analysis of data, becoming teams Facilitating data-based decision-making.

The constant generation of data will allow the emergence of new companies that will make accessible the interpretation of the data by the process through processes of “Machine learning” which cease to be a luxury of large companies to become Affordable services to companies of many sizes.


2019 will be a trend of marketing smarter, customized according to the tastes, habits, and needs of the consumer, generating communications at the time that this requires. Contextual Marketing offers a special relationship between brands and consumers because it allows advertising messages to arrive at the time the user is open to that category of products or services, either because he has a need or Just want to know more.

The SEO and SEM will be key to contextual marketing, because it is the user who initiates the interaction, and therefore the content will be relevant to their search intentions. Coupled with the growth of voice devices that pressure brands to generate higher quality content that responds to user-specific searches. These digital marketing strategies will surely prove beneficial for any marketing company in Miami aiming to get the results and lead the race.

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