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Effect and Benefits of Live Chat Leads in Digital Marketing

Live chat or live chat leads is a new and effective service in the digital marketing world. A live chat feature is important for some  businesses and plays an important role in getting new leads for your business.

Live chat Leads is an Internet service that allows the person browsing the website to communicate in real time with a customer service agent by sending an instant messaging. The instant message (IM) application is built into the company’s website. For example, a customer might be interested in a product or service but need more information before purchasing. In this situation, the customer will be able to communicate in real time in order to answer their questions. With the live chat feature, you will not lose the sale to a competitor or delay the sales process since you are able to answer questions in the moment. With live chat, businesses will have the opportunity to understand their clients better and understand common questions or concerns before purchasing.

live chat leads

Other benefits and uses of live chat is enhancing your customer service experience.

Some of the other benefits of live chat are:

  • 63% of clients are likely to return to a website that offers live chat
  • 38% said they made their decision to purchase due to the chat session itself
  • 62% are likely to purchase from the site again
  • 79% of customers say they prefer live chat because of the immediacy it offers compared to other channels
  • More than 30% of customers actually expect live chat on your website

Live chat can also be an effective way to help when launching a new product or service.

Many companies that have used live chat reported that live chat helped them understand their customers by collecting such data as:

  • The referring link
  • Number of visits
  • Location
  • Operating system/device
  • Time on site
  • Number of chats

Live chat is becoming a necessary feature for any business website. By adding this communication tool to your website, you could increase sales, provide faster and more efficient customer support, and deliver a better overall customer experience.

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