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Six Tips to Reach Your Digital Marketing Goals in 2019

It’s officially 2019 and it is a great time to review your business’s marketing to see which channels were the most successful last year. It is also a fantastic time to decide which new ideas you would like to implement for the next few months.

While it may be more comfortable to stay faithful to methods that are already in place and effective, new technologies and tools may be available to you in the coming months that were not even a thought last year. It is pertinent that you stay on top of every opportunity you may have to help your business prosper and set new goals.

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So, here are six avenues that you may want to consider when you are formulating your marketing plan for the new year:

1. Employing Facebook Marketing:

Facebook is now much more than just sharing what you had for lunch with people you haven’t seen since high school. It has an organic reach for its pages that is unrivalled and investing a bit of time and money in the platform is sure to gain your company some added visibility.

Facebook’s new lead ads allow paid traffic to be led to a form for collecting leads without even leaving the social network. This works well because it uses the information that the user already has on his or her profile to complete the form. Facebook Ads also connect to Instagram Ads. This gives you the opportunity to have your Ads placed in two of the biggest platforms on social media.

Then, there is Facebook Messenger. With 1.3 million active users on the platform, it certainly will get you noticed. With new subscribers weekly when they interact with your page and open rates as high as 90%, Facebook Messenger is blowing Email Marketing out of the waters with updates, discounts, and click-through rates.

However, Live Video has to be the best Facebook interaction that the site has to offer. Since video is a strategic marketing idea for a small business, and Facebook already has a built-in audience, it is possibly one of the best ways to connect to prospective leads.

2. Hiring a Digital Marketing Firm:

Perhaps marketing is not your forte, and you don’t really enjoy the process either. Have you ever considered hiring a marketing firm to assist you with your advertising? A qualified marketing agency will know all the ins and outs of digital marketing. They will have the know-how to find the best leads for your business, convert them into sales, and keep them buying over and over again with the latest techniques and tricks. Digital marketing changes not just yearly but daily. With new updates on Instagram and Facebook it’s hard to stay on top of the best way to market your business. This is where paying someone to handle your marketing truly pays off. Plus, with their assistance, you can focus on new goals and doing what you truly enjoy. It’s win-win!

3. Placing Original Content Directly on Social Media:

Placing links on your social posts, updates, and tweets that lead back to your website is old school. Posting original content on social networks directly such as a giveaway specifically on Instagram is the new to-do. This type of content, referred to as “native social media content,” places higher in those platforms’ algorithms, making it more visible to potential customers.

This is done so the networks can serve more ads than if the post links to another site. The platforms know that once someone goes to another site, he or she is less likely to return to the network and continue scrolling his or her feed. Keep things on that specific social media platform as much as possible. A great example would be to ask people to shop your e-commerce store, as a Facebook Post, on your Facebook Shop versus your website. This will allow them to check out your Facebook Page, see your Facebook Lives, and maybe even chat with your Facebook Messenger bot. See what we mean?

4. Using Chatbots to Automate Communication:

Chatbots are automated systems that can connect with users as soon as they need assistance, just like customer assistance reps used to do before them. However, this type of automation will save you money and time, since you will not have to employ a customer service rep. Most chatbots have the ability to answer basic questions and screen visitors so they can be sent to the correct department to get their needs met further. Chatbots are also used for a wide range of demands such as updating clients, giving out discounts, and having an abandoned cart system all on Facebook (to name a few).

5. Keeping up with Customer Reviews and Feedback:

Data and analytics are so important in marketing and business in general. However, the easiest way to mine this information may be right in front of our collective noses in the form of customer reviews and feedback.

Unfortunately, many customers will not review you or provide feedback unless it is specifically asked of them. So, make it a point to suggest Google and Facebook reviews among reviews on other niche-specific sites. As an added bonus, these reviews also work in conjunction with Google’s algorithms to produce higher rankings in search.

A great way to do this is by sending out an automated Email or Facebook Messenger bot when someone buys a product and it was delivered to their home. Having the system automated allows you to not only worry about it once and get plenty of results from then on.

6. Creating Content Specific To Your Target Audience:

With so many personal devices owned and operated daily by the average person, we can pretty much choose the media experience that we find ourselves most comfortable with. Your customers also probably tend toward certain content. Whether that is bikini shopping or real estate.

Knowing your Ideal Clients interests is a great start. Another piece of the puzzle is to know where your audience ‘hangs out.’ Knowing each social media platforms audience range allows you to focus more on one platform than another. Someone that likes to go bikini shopping most likely will be on Wish, Poshmark, Pinterest, and Instagram. Someone that is looking into real estate may be on LinkedIn or Facebook. That means, in short, that your customers, like all audiences these days, are segmented.

Once you know where your typical customers hang out during their free time, that is the area where you should target your digital marketing efforts. Focus in on that niche and create the best content that you can without spreading yourself too thin across the internet.

These suggestions should help you to create a comprehensive marketing plan for 2019. Remember, it is important that you document your chosen strategies and hire the best social media advertising company Miami, so you do not fall behind schedule with your marketing plans. Keeping track of your results is also crucial as you reach new milestones for your company this coming year.

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