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Storytelling, the art of stories

Communication, marketing, advertising and related professionals often write, expose and share their Storytelling knowledge; however, the positioning strategies implemented by different brands, continue to offer content that does not end up connecting with their audiences.
The importance of Storytelling lies in knowing what to tell, building key messages and distributing them frequently, through different platforms and formats, to achieve the objectives set.

Knowing, Building, Distributing:

Just as the elementary structure of a sentence contains a subject, a verb, and a predicate, a story must have an introduction, a development, a climax, and an outcome. Many times, all this in only six seconds.

The art of creating and constructing stories also involves renewing them, that is, using key messages with different tones and angles in order to share experiences and, with these, generate stimuli in the receivers like any Internet Marketing Agency Miami use for its product promotion.

A plus will be to use the rhetorical resources of discourse and image to create content with which people can identify and begin to speculate with the end of that story. However theoretical this may sound, it must be understood that if there is a hero it is because there are one or more villains. Or that if there is a solution it is because there was a problem before.

The content may be considered as the king, but without a distribution it will not be known. That’s why some authors recognise the distribution as the queen, “the one who wears the pants.


The Next step is story doing. “Facts, not words.” To stop telling how good brands are and to show that what is really told in stories is real, tangible, palpable. This is where you live and share the real experiences that result in a mouth-to-mouth or screen-to-screen recommendation.

People rely less and less on what brands try to tell them directly: “buy”, “acquire”, “use”; and they identify more with what their peers tell them: “I recommend you”, “I use”, “the best brand is”. The important thing Marketing Agency Miami is to know how to tell stories and use different platforms and formats to be empathetic.

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