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Why influencers are important for brands?

An Influencer is a person who has a certain credibility on a specific subject and has an influence on social networks. Followers of these influencers develop trust and a connection with them similar to being loyal to their favourite brands and can be a great idea for social media advertising.

Unfortunately for brands, connecting to a potential customer can be difficult and time-consuming to develop the relationship. Consumers do not easily trust brands and must earn this over time. Brands may need help with establishing these authentic connections, and that is where micro-influencers come into play.

Micro-influencers can encourage those long-lasting relationships with consumer brand commitment by promoting, attracting, and trusting – the three attributes that give rise to long-term, loyal customers.

In order to choose an influencer, it is important to take into account the following:

  • Their ability to generate strong opinions and reactions in other users when talking about a specific topic. If their ability to generate conversation around a topic or brand, we must know how to take advantage of this aspect.
  • The audience potential of an influencer on a given topic. The followers of influencers are more valuable for their quality than for their quantity.
  • The level of participation in the conversation on the subject in question: The involvement of the influencer in the action is fundamental to ensure its success.

The value of the influencer for your brand is in the following 4 points:

    • Increasing Participation:

      Partnering with a micro-factor of influence can help you get your brand and your products to a committed audience that is interested in your product. A captive audience is an active audience and micro-influencers know how to get a response from their followers.
    • Attract Quality Customers:

      A true factor to consider is the potential customers that you are able to reach. This can compare to strategies like google ads, without the same advertising expense.Recent data shows that influential marketing was the fastest growing customer acquisition channel, surpassing paid search, email marketing and organic search. 51% believe that when advertisers were asked about customers they acquired through influential marketing, the quality of customers was better than those who were attracted to using other marketing strategies.
    • Cultivating Trust:

      Similarly, a consumer who trusts your brand and your products can become a loyal customer for life and even a brand ambassador.Do your customers trust you? Partnering with a micro-factor of influence can help your desired customers cultivate this deep level of trust in your brand. The micro-influencers you should partner with are the ones who genuinely admire your products and the feeling will be evident to your followers. Followers seek authenticity. If your micro-influencers demonstrate love and trust for your brand, so will your followers.
    • Great Return on Investment:

      When finding the right influencers to connect you with your potential customers can be impactful. When done right, you’re able to authentically communicate the benefits of your products or services to your followers and the influencer’s network.If you need help creating digital strategies with influencers or your social media presence it would be our pleasure to help. Please reach out so our team can help you take the next steps.


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