As a global player in the media industry, BTF thrives on their ability to innovate and adapt to market trends. To that BTF was seeking relevant, in-depth and effective professional marketing solutions to expand traffic in digital realm.

BTF Media
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Company Overview

As Head of Social Media Marketing Group in Digital Future Marketing, Dorys Milan task was to Increase the traffic in all social media Platforms in South America within Few Weeks.

“BTF Media was founded in 2010 by the Mexican Entrepreneurs and Producers Francisco E. Cordero and Ricardo Coeto, and rapidly became an agent of change within the industry. After nine years of uninterrupted operation, BTF Media has established itself as a valuable competitor in the fiction and entertainment market. The business’ headquarters are located Miami, and production offices in Mexico, Argentina and Spain”

BTF Media is comprised by a team of creators, directors and producers who generate tailored audio-visual content with an unconventional and original vision, in response to the demands of a changing market. The company constantly pursues high quality standards and innovative processes in order to accomplish better and more efficient results, towards the interest of its clients and business partners.

BTF is the company behind the hit television series “Hasta que te conocí” (Nominated to an International Emmy Award in 2017), “El César” and “El Secreto de Selena”; products that have reached the highest audience levels in the Hispanic markets of the USA and Latin America (Pan Regional) and are part of the co-production agreement with Disney Media Distribution Latam.