The main goal of the social media team at DFM was to develop a strategic social media marketing plan that led brand awareness, drove web traffic and retail sales and streamlined and perfected community engagement.

Quatro Dream
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Zayit one of the expert of social Media in Digital Future Marketing, Her task was to find the perfect way to brand Quatro Dream in social media world.

“Our aim to create new, exciting and fashionable swimwear was the desire of the owner, Fabiano, had. Being a part-time designer, I was very excited about his vision and confidence in me. His dream blossomed into a desire and that desire quickly became a passion for us both.  As a result, Quatro Dream swimwear line was born out of Goiania, near Brasília in July, 2017, with one goal in mind; to create a fashionable swimwear line that will bring out the natural beauty in all women.”