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A few reasons how ADA Compliance will Benefit your business.

The online web has been established as a “place of public accommodation”, to which fair access must be provided to all who visit. Website Accessibility for those with disabilities is a civil right that the Department of Justice is now aggressively defending, in addition to Accessibility Advocates and a growing number of plaintiff law firms. Following the W3C’s Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG 2.0) is the de facto guide for providing web accessibility for the visually impaired and other disabled visitors.

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Benefits to bank on

Beautiful Websites attract passionate buyers.


    We will perform an in-depth audit on your current website to determine all ADA Compliance errors and potential issues.


    We will address all errors and issues on the website discovered during the Website Accessibility Audit.


    In order to maintain full compliance going forward, a style guide can be provided to your content management team.


    DFM can conduct quarterly Website ADA Compliance Analysis Reports following the first remediation of the website.

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ADA Compliance errors and potential issues.

Our auditing process involves our staff thoroughly analyzing your website for compliance errors and reporting the issues found on each page. We will provide you with a detailed ADA Compliance Analysis Report for your review and approval to go ahead with the remediation. Our in-depth report will include all known errors and potential issues that would result in the website not passing ADA Compliance.

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The 3 principles of ADA Compliance.

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    What does ADA compliance actually mean?

    In January 2018, some new federal regulations took effect. All federal institutions’ websites must now meet at least AA compliance on all items in WCAG 2.0. We’ll explain what that means a little later.

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    Why Is this so suddenly a big deal?

    With legal precedent changing, ADA compliance related lawsuits are becoming more successful, and the courts are seeing more of them as a result. Title III of the Americans with Disabilities Act pertains to private sector businesses.

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    Who needs to be ADA compliant?

    Any business considered a “public accommodation” should have an ADA compliant web presence. “Public accommodation” could apply to most things depending on who is making the interpretation and decision.


What needs to be done in order to be compliant?

It’s very simple – just follow all guidelines laid out in WCAG 2.1 to A and AA level. But, it’s not as bad as it seems. The website you have probably already meets some of these rules and others will take a web developer some time to bring up to compliance level. However, some items are much more difficult to fix, depending on the situation: Website must be fully navigable via keyboard only. This includes things like “skip navigation” buttons and will involve manually setting a tabindex on each separate page.